Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Forgotten, But Not Gone

Yeah... I'm still around. Haven't lost interest. Ever-increasing demands in my professional life conspire to ruin my hobby time as of late and eat up a rapidly diminishing pool of that mythological concept... "free time".

Add to the mix intense study for an enormous certification test at the end of this month (CISSP, for those who are curious) and... I'm swamped.

I expect I'll get back in the swing of more enjoyable stuff as we enter June. I honestly wouldn't expect a heck of a lot from me here on RD&C until then. Not for lack of desire... trust me.

Oh... FYI (and for your protection): I've had to start moderating/approving your feedback as some enterprising (read: asshat jerkoff) folks in the east have been dropping malicious links in the comments section. I really despise link 'hackers'... term used extremely loosely. If you're going to try to whack someone... at least work for it. So if you respond to something, and don't see it right away... nothing's amiss. It just may take me a day or two to "approve" the response. Apologies for that inconvenience. The only other option is "follower" comments only. I may go that route, but I'd prefer not to force someone to follow the blog just to comment on something. Seems disingenuous.

In the mean time: the Death Squads folks have ventured into v.5 territory. v0.5.1b to be exact. Tons of enhancements and additions. Good stuff. Plenty of reading until I come back around.  http://www.deathsquadsgame.com/

Because... of course, you're all not going to know what to do with yourselves in the interim without RD&C updates.



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