Friday, August 13, 2010

Say It Ain’t So, Part II – The Mako


What a terrifyingly awesome fish that is. Mine's not nearly as cool as the picture above... it’s just a mod’d Piranha. The bastardization of the Greater Good continues.

Figured the upstart DToM (Don’t Tread on Me) rebellion might need a bit of extra firepower to fend off the slew of Battlesuits and Hammerheads the Space Sushi are going to toss at them. Enter the Mako.

Pretty straightforward conversion actually. Created some wing-mounting spacers, shifted the wings towards the back, gave them more of a downward angle, and sheared off any portion of the wing which extended past the back of the fuselage. Thick plasticard insert (with some added internal bracing) for the cockpit section, and then metric ton of sanding to get everything to blend correctly. Bit and bobbles tacked on as inspiration hits.

Not sure about the ventral tail. I love the aesthetic, but it’s beginning to look like it will be difficult to acquire the Land Speeder tail in “bits” form and I would like to be able to recreate the model if I get itchy for a squadron of the aggressive-looking buggers.

Not quite done with the gluing yet. Needs wing guns, a bit more texture to the flattened cockpit, and maybe a Seeker Missile or two. Stats-line is identical to the Piranha. Inspiration? Global Hawk. Looks mean just sitting on the tarmac.

“DToM” is just a working name for the rebellion, by the by. Though I must admit that it’s growing on me.

Freshly-diced Tau… delicious and low in saturated fat. Yum.

UPDATE: Tried a Stealth Generator on for size in lieu of the inverted "U" ventral fin. Not entirely convinced yet, but I think I like it...


UPDATE 2: Close to primer-ready:


MK V Heresy Armor - And Its All Over Folks! He's Down!


I could only bob-n-weave for so long. Even knew it was comin'. Wasn't enough. Just don't have the stamina to fight it any longer...

Bampf! Sucker punch right to the jaw... and I'm seeing stars. Pre-order placed.

The Phobos Patterns were a kick to the groin while I was down. Have they no shame?!

Damn you Forge World... damn you to hell! You're killin' me here...

*shakes fist* KHAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Say It Ain't So... Tau? Seriously?!


It's not. Well, not really. I haven't fallen off my high horse yet.

A little background here: I despise the Tau. In the opinion of this author, Tau are the Jar-Jar Binks of the 40K universe; created solely for commercialization purposes to draw in younger players and Anime buffs. The concept was far from original, being an amalgam of several well-known Sci-Fi staples, and it wasn't executed well. A considerable chunk of the models, intended to be eye-candy, are mostly crap (chicken-legged Battlesuits anyone?). That being said; GW has every right to try to make money... and make money off the Tau they have. Even my money, I am ashamed to admit.

Wanting to draw my son into the hobby, I purchased a respectable army of Tau kits for him to build and play. I was successful in that it definitely generated interest in him, and he absolutely loves the game now. Although it does require a fire-and-brimstone speech from me to get him to read the damn rules. A few months in however, my spawn yanks the carpet out from under me and the little bastard repays my generosity by summarily pushing aside all the Tau plastic in favor of Black Templars. Awesome (not). Fret not... revenge will be mine when "can I have a car" or "can I get my driver's license" time comes around. Oh yes... revenge will be mine.

So, there they sat... bins and bins of discarded Pulse Rifles, ridiculous monocular helmets, and half-built Devilfish.

Fast-forward to this week. Work has been absolute hell, and my creative energy reserves are dangerously low. By the time I get home I'm so mentally fried that I just sit and stare at my poor Kommandos. Time for something new and different to lubricate the mental gears and get back up to full steam. I grab Catachan legs, some of the discarded Firewarrior torsos, a few Elysian drop-troop respirator heads, slop some glue around... and viola': Human Auxiliary! Good looking ones at that.

But wait... I hate the Tau. Really didn't think this one through, did you rocket scientist?!  Ok, ok... just slow down. Surely there's a way to cheese in some believable background. And then it hit me...

Human Auxiliary Renegades (*disgusted groans from the crowd ensue*).  Now wait... stick with me here... this one's not all that bad. Imagine a human world/sector/colony under Tau influence which decides to wake up and see that they sure do seem to get the short end of the stick more often than not when it comes to this "greater good" garbage. No matter how pampered, a pet is still a pet. So they toss off the yoke of the oppressors, grab the good gear for themselves, and plant the Don't Tread on Me flag.

"Don't Tread on Me" Cadre Trooper (Firewarrior):
WS:3  BS:3  S:3  T:3  W:1  I:3  A:1  Ld:7  Sv: 5+ Options: as Firewarrior

"Don't Tread on Me" Cadre Officer (Chez'frijoli, or whatever that Tau Sergeant word is):
WS:3  BS:3  S:3  T:3  W:1  I:3  A:2  Ld:8  Sv: 5+ Options: as Chez'frijoli

Think I'll toss together a Kill Team, and maybe 500 points. Use the Tau army list with little/no modification. Not bad, yeah?

Shuddup... who asked you anyways?!

In other news: work progresses (albeit, slowly) on the Baal Pred.


Friday, August 6, 2010

MK IV Maximus Armor - No Pox For You!


Mk.IVs this week. Nice, but I essentially have these with my Red Scorpions upgrade of yore. You manage to squeak by this week without a curse from me... Forge World my nemesis.

Now these? These are somewhat tempting...

..but can wait.

Next Friday I expect the Mk.Vs will be gracing the "new stuff" page. I can feel the dollar bills rustling as they try to fly out of my wallet at this very moment. Damn it all to hell and back. I need to get out of this hobby.

Gene Simmons, you ain't lyin'."Every time I walk through that door it's the same damn thing, that bitch bends over & I forget my name"


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ain't That A Hoot: Forge World Mk.III & Mk.V Trophies

Kommando upgrade set from Forge World arrived today. So as soon as I arrived home from work I giddily shredded the box to inspect my latest toys. Summarily tossed aside the Bosspole to get a better look at the gas masks, then something caught my eye...

Interesting, no? Now I ain't never been accused of being the sharpest spoon the the drawer, but gol'durnit that one shore do look like one of them fancy-pants Mk.III helmets on the "What's New" page... do'nit?!

And then there's this...

Could've sworn I saw a newsletter recently touting this exact helm as a sneak peak. Ok, ok... enough already you conniving Brits. Cut the suspense and just release the Mk.Vs so you can squeeze more cash outta' me, would ya'?

Nice one FW. I like the continuity, and the fact that you didn't make a big deal out of it.

God I love/hate this hobby...