Friday, August 13, 2010

Say It Ain’t So, Part II – The Mako

What a terrifyingly awesome fish that is. Mine's not nearly as cool as the picture above... it’s just a mod’d Piranha. The bastardization of the Greater Good continues.

Figured the upstart DToM (Don’t Tread on Me) rebellion might need a bit of extra firepower to fend off the slew of Battlesuits and Hammerheads the Space Sushi are going to toss at them. Enter the Mako.

Pretty straightforward conversion actually. Created some wing-mounting spacers, shifted the wings towards the back, gave them more of a downward angle, and sheared off any portion of the wing which extended past the back of the fuselage. Thick plasticard insert (with some added internal bracing) for the cockpit section, and then metric ton of sanding to get everything to blend correctly. Bit and bobbles tacked on as inspiration hits.

Not sure about the ventral tail. I love the aesthetic, but it’s beginning to look like it will be difficult to acquire the Land Speeder tail in “bits” form and I would like to be able to recreate the model if I get itchy for a squadron of the aggressive-looking buggers.

Not quite done with the gluing yet. Needs wing guns, a bit more texture to the flattened cockpit, and maybe a Seeker Missile or two. Stats-line is identical to the Piranha. Inspiration? Global Hawk. Looks mean just sitting on the tarmac.

“DToM” is just a working name for the rebellion, by the by. Though I must admit that it’s growing on me.

Freshly-diced Tau… delicious and low in saturated fat. Yum.

UPDATE: Tried a Stealth Generator on for size in lieu of the inverted "U" ventral fin. Not entirely convinced yet, but I think I like it...


UPDATE 2: Close to primer-ready:



Deadmeat said...

Really cool kitbash. The Mako does look very aggressive and the look of the new updated one really does look like a Pred Drone.

Dryw said...

Thanks man. Appreciate it. The way it turned out has me wondering about the evil I can do to the partially completed Hammerhead sitting in the bitz box.

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