Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Return of the… Thing (Part II)

Forge World: bane of my bank account. Hard to dispute they are the Ferrari of 40K vehicles. Thankfully I have yet to succumb to the temptation of a Lucius Pattern Jackal Warhound or a Marauder Destroyer… but I’ve come perilously close on multiple occasions. During those intense moments of weakness I’ve been able to satiate my consumer daemons with smaller digs into the wallet. My sole Macharius Vulcan was one of those stop-gaps. I don’t own an Imperial Guard army, but that meant nothing as I needed to own one of these beautiful pieces of machinery.

Initially I assembled it in standard configuration. Cool, but my incessant need to tweak & customize changed that in short order. A cloud of sanded resin dust and tube of CA later, I brought a “Macharius Vulcan Annihilator” into existence. Custom sponsons with Lascannons, a twin-linked Lascannon replacing the hull Stubber mount. Final result was a great looking model.

That iteration lasted all of one month. Just didn’t make any logical sense (to me, because I think about these things) that a dedicated infantry shredder would dual-purpose as a tank hunter. Off the Lascannons came, and it was back to the drawing board. The poor Macharius was relegated to the dusty top of the display cabinet to await an acceptable customization epiphany. Her salvation came in the form of another Forge World offering… Aircraft Punisher Cannons. The minute I saw them I could envision the horrifically ridiculous end result. And… viola’!

Snapped a few pix prior to the final coat of primer to help highlight the additions. The “extras” should be painfully obvious. Punisher Cannons, Assault Cannon on the hull, two additional Storm Bolters, and the Dozer Blade. Small tweaks here and there such as sensor pods, a more modernized look, etc.

Preposterous? Absolutely. You’re not going to see me even attempt to justify this monstrosity. She’ll likely never see the table except as an objective or some wonky one-off cinematic slaughter-fest. Doesn’t matter to me one bit. As far as I am concerned, she’s perfect.

Now… paint, and a name. I’m open to suggestions on that second part. “Macharius Cheesewagon” just doesn’t have the appropriate ring to it.

In part 3: Landspeeder Tempest and possible final iteration of the favorite Predator.


ColKillgore said...

How about Macharius Steelrain?

Dryw said...

I like where you're going with that.

Dryw said...

I neglected to mention that the two "hatches" at the fore of this beast open to expose standard flamers, with an approximate 100° arc of fire (for point defense against infantry). They're recessed to avoid interfering with the Punisher's line-of-fire.

Yeah... yet another reason no sane opponent would actually let me field it. The liberating freedom of munchkinism...

Da_Sub said...

I would face this great evil with even greater evil!

Endless Swarm Nids army APOC Throwdown of Doom.

Or my Titans....

Dryw said...

See... THAT sounds like a great deal of fun to me. Tons of dice thrown, 'Nid ichor everywhere, and devil-may-care the winner.

Except for the "titan" part. Think you'd have the upper hand there. :)

The Pirate Viking said...

Looks really nice, don't worry about the whole "cheese" accusations, if you just use it in apocalypse then the other side has thousands of points to maim it with if they are scared of it. The other side might be to track ammo!

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