Friday, December 24, 2010

Incoming: Killzone and Death Squads Updates

Since it's (almost) Saturnalia, I'll step outside my own little self-absorbed world and promote a couple of projects which are well deserving of attention.

First up, Big Jim over @ Galaxy in Flames indicates a Special Operations: Killzone update is imminent. Sounds like there's been some significant reworking of the PDFs and all sorts of adjustments and additions. Supposed to be up Friday evening. Links:

Galaxy in Flames:

Killzone Discussion Boards:

Second in order (but not cool factor) is another squad-based combat offering in Mordheimer and crew's Death Squads. Death Squads differs from Killzone in that it is extremely character-centric, with enough customization options to choke a grox. Well suited for long-term campaigns. Newly revised version, now in a split core/scenario format for less printer ink pain, due for release any second. Great stuff.

Discussion boards & downloads:

Take a few and check out these phenomenal fan-based projects. It'll be worth your time.

Good deed... done.



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