Saturday, September 26, 2009

Combat Pharmacuticals

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Prime - Stimulates nerve endings in an electric wave of intense agony. Ingestor is rendered exceptionally awake and alert. Narrows concentration to a highly focused point and eliminates strenuous emotion, causing the user to become extremely cold and rational. Side effects include an astute awareness of pain, occasionally lending itself to low pain tolerance with excessive/unchecked dosing.

Substitute for MoS (Mark of Slaanesh): +1 initiative characteristic.

Syn or Sin – Concentrated artificial synthetic endorphin which imparts euphoria, adrenal rush, and invulnerability to pain. Ingestees experience significant increases in synaptic and reflexive responses. Prolonged use requires geometrically higher administered dosing to achieve desired effects. Forgoing artificial blood cleansing after usage causes a measurable loss of tactile sensation and eventual emotional instability. Regardless of cleaning regimen, recommended administrations of only 3 – 5 doses prior to period of mandatory abstainment of minimum ninety days sidereal.

Substitute for MoK (Mark of Khorne): +1 attack characteristic.

Meestag / Medical Stabilization Agent (MeSTAg) – Anti-trauma agent . Stops blood loss from massive tissue damage through minor abrasion, provides septic protection and subsumes pain response. Ingestee perceives pain sensation as an irritating itching near the areas of the wound. Subject will be unable to sleep both before and after the drug wears off, and the eyes tend to become sensitive to bright light. Delusional responses have been noted in some subjects, imagining large insects and maggots wriggling through the wound(s) and perceiving this to be the cause of the itching sensation.

Substitute for MoN (Mark of Nurgle): +1 toughness characteristic


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