Saturday, September 26, 2009

HVOF (High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel) Plasma Sprayer

Category:  Background & Fluff

[Counts-As: Noise Marine Doom Siren]

A mixture of hydrogen/methane fuel and oxygen is fed into a high-focus magnetic-contained combustion chamber, where the combined gases are arc-ionized, ignited, and combusted continuously upon activation. The resultant superheated gas (20000 °C) at extremely high pressure emanates through a diverging nozzle at a velocity exceeding 1000m/sec.

Low heat-dispersion metallic powder in liquid suspension for efficient feeding, is introduced into the plasma jet where the material becomes molten and is propelled outwards through the weapon’s ‘barrel’ in a narrow fan-shaped stream.The resultant effects provide for high-dispersion wound capacity as per more conventional flame-throwing units combined with armor defeating potential of slow-cooling molten metallic globules.

Liquid-suspension metallic powder reservoir with integral rechargeable cell for gas ionization/ignition (approximately the same size and shape as a standard Mk. Vb bolter magazine) is replaceable via pressure latched access panel near the dorsal front of the weapon housing


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