Friday, November 6, 2009

Rotten Luck & Customer Service

The really, real world took it upon itself to repeatedly curb-stomp me this week...  and then kick me in the jimmies for good measure.  

For all three of you who read this blog, posts to occur today-ish.

Something I feel important to mention:  Purchased a Battlewagon recently which had an unformed part.  Contacted GW and inquired about the best way to go about acquiring that single part, as it is relatively important to the model. Support was extremely amicable and indicated they'd send out a replacement part right away.  What they sent me was an entirely new Battlewagon kit.

Games Workshop models are a bit salty (expensive). Everyone knows this. Doesn't stop me, or any number of others, from buying them in droves... as we bitch incessantly about the cost. I guarantee the above-and-beyond customer service I received will factor heavily next time I'm waffling about a model's cost.

Well played GW.


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