Sunday, November 8, 2009

Industrial Terrain Project - Day 11

I am constantly on the prowl for scenery 'on the cheap'.  As much as I believe I have every right to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on the highest quality resin-cast structures, my children constantly bombard me with irrational and self-serving arguments such as "it's cold" and "I'm hungry".

Whatever.  Call when you get work.

Anyhow... O-Scale model train buildings are generally pretty darn close to 28mm in most cases. Problem is, anything a retailer can add the words "for model train sets" to the description gets a 700% markup (your mileage may vary).  So stumbling across a decent deal on a decent O-Scale building is, well...  decent luck.

I found me one of them "good deals".  Bachmann Plasticville O Kit, Apartment House, 45980. Approximately fifteen bucks each + shipping.  They have the right retro feel, and when I am done appropriately "dark futuring" them up they will be a perfect addition to my industrial city as Hab Block One and Hab Block Two.  Pix below are original nasty plastic color after assembly, with the second unit one step further (primed). FrankenOrk & Sparkz the 'Bot for scale reference.

Don't expect much from the kits themselves.  There is no internal detail.  No windows either, but I'll be fixing that by using some of the hundreds of discarded clear plastic packaging pieces I have been hording since last Christmas. You know...  the ones your IPod, Car Charger, or other electronic must-have thingee came sealed in? The packaging that is impossible to open without the Jaws-of-Life and an acetylene torch?  It has a use.

The base plastic as-formed colors (maroon/gold) are hideous. But there's a considerable number of raised textures which I am positive will respond well to drybrushing.  Each kit is a ten minute assembly.  Use super glue. The plastic is some manner of mutant polymer that standard Testors model cement couldn't dig into.

I like these so much, that I am positive there will be a Hab Block Three and Hab Block Four.

Plasticville.  There's a pop culture reference in there somewhere.  Just don't feel like digging it out.


Anonymous said...

pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!! ......................................................

Dryw said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. I do apologize for the length of time it has been since any update. With the hell of the holiday season behind us, I am back at it full force.

I'll get some work done and post as soon as inhumanly possible.

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