Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Helliday Season (aka Why I Hate Santa Claus)

Hindsight being 20-20, I now see spinning up a brand new hobby blog directly before the hell of the holiday season was not the most shrewd of ideas. Simply not enough hours in the day… what with all of the “Christmas Cheer” and “Seasonal Joy”, yadda yadda blah.  Gods I’m glad that’s over and done. Add professional responsibilities to that mix and the sad result is that I haven’t picked up a paint brush in over a month. A disheartening truth I intend to set right.

The fires have been stoked and we’re building up steam pressure again. Sacred unguents have been applied to the oxidized cogs, and many a grot has (quite uncharacteristically) bravely sacrificed themselves in the smoking machinery in the effort to bring it back to life.

Apologies I appeared to vanish, but I’m back… and I’m mad as hell!

Well, not really mad… but “focused as hell” didn’t have the same oompf. 


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