Monday, January 18, 2010

Faux Sentinels

Thread over @ BoLS made me realize I have a couple of custom Sentinel analogs which have not seen the light of day. Realizing this post for what it truly is (pix whoring), let's not kid ourselves and delay with an eloquent preamble...

Originally a Trumpeter 1:35 Hotchkiss H35/39, now serving as an autocannon-toting, armored Sentinel. Storm Bolter is just for show, a stubber would fit the theme better. With a small amount of work the main gun can be changed to any of the four new Sentinel options.

The below is a Tamiya 1:48 Kfz.222 scout car, which was specifically built to pull double duty as either a third autocannon Sentinel or a Salamander Scout. In the former role, the Heavy Bolter is of course non-functional. 

I was particularly pleased with the custom-built 'brace' for the Heavy Bolter and how smoothly the Chimera turret blended with the stock kit.

Last, but not least... the monstrosity below was built before the new plastic kits were available. The original idea was a fully enclosed, NBC (Nuke/Bio/Chem) shielded cockpit with extra reconaissance sensor apparatus... but I was not keen on the looks or weight of the Steel Legion white metal beast. Spent a massive amount of time with plasticard, putty, and fine grit sand paper to close 'er in. Two months later the new kits hit the shelves. C'est la vie. Though it did give me the opportunity to steal the missile turret from the new kit release for my Frankenstein. 

Leave the cash on the nightstand.


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