Friday, January 14, 2011

FAQ'n Power Armor

If you've been living under a rock, blindfolded, with a burlap sack over your head, you may not have seen that Games Workshop FAQ'd power armor all to hell and back.

Nope... using the acronym as a euphemism for something else never really gets old... shuddup.

Links below are as much reference for me as they are for you:

Space Marines FAQ Version 1.1

Blood Angels FAQ Version 1.1

Dark Angels FAQ Version 1.1

Space Wolves FAQ Version 1.1

Black Templars FAQ Version 1.1

There's an emo space elfie one too. If you want that one bad enough... you can find it.

So... I know I'm not the sharpest spoon in the drawer, and admittedly I'm not very well read on the We're-Not-Chaos-No-Really-We-Promise crew (never been a big fan), but I am seriously failing to see why ye olde Dark Angels Deathwing are now the flavor-of-the-month. Everyone seems to be clearing the shelves of green and cream paint after this FAQ. Someone help me out here... why all of the sudden are DA a viable force to reckon with? Where's the magic 'win' button in those FAQs?

Yeah yeah... I know. I haven't posted a damn thing I said I was going to earlier in the week. I'm short pictures, and I've been too lazy to whip out the tripod (pretty sure there's an off-color joke in there somewhere). It's the weekend, so I'm all over it.




Zero said...

Not being a DA player, I was puzzled as well. Is it because Deathwing now can have scoring SS/TH Termies? I'm not sure what else if could be that is unique to DA.

Dryw said...

Maybe you nailed it Zero. A full-on Terminator army?

I know some folks get all flushed and giddy about the idea.

SC John said...

in a nutshell,

Deathwing finally get the same stuff that everyone else had that was better.

storm shields now give a 3++ invulnerable save

you can take a medic in a squad of terminators and stack feel no pain

Cyclone Missile launchers get heavy 2 (up from 1)

Drop pods and power of the machine spirit up to BS4 from 2

To us die hard Deathwing fans it took a broken codex and made it viable.

Santa Cruz Warhammer

Dryw said...

Ok, I see now. Explains exactly why it didn't jump out at me as "awesome"... just brings DA into parity with the current crop of Astartes.

Appreciate the concise line-by-line John.

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