Monday, February 18, 2013

Back From The Abyss...

Taking stock after emerging from an extended encounter with an intense and lengthy reality storm. By all appearances the dreadful environment I was forced to endure on that pitiless plane of existence seems to have left me no worse for wear. My sanity too appears no less fragile than two years ago when RD&C communications ceased without warning. A minor miracle, considering the maleficent nature of the Reality Plane denizens with which I was forced to do battle. Twisted, vile daemons with despicable monikers such as "Physician" and "Lawyer". Both of whom used the most heinous of their nefarious talents in repeated attempts to drain the lifeblood from my broken body. Escaped though I have, it would be dishonest if stated I will not cautiously peer over my shoulder every day in clammy anticipation of them locating me... only to drag me back to that dark pit of despair they laughingly call "the real world". 

Now that I am returned... I see that much has been neglected, and much more remains to be discussed. So much time has passed... so much to accomplish...

(Short Version: down for two years due to real life ridiculousness, but I'm back-in-black ladies and gents. And Holy Hoppin' Horus has a lot transpired between then and now. I have some catch-up ahead of me)

Crackin' my knuckles and sorting my ideas. May take a day or two for me to prioritize projects and snag some decent pix, but expect posting to resume on a fairly regular basis any day now. I have a few new FW kits/bits I'll want to highlight, a couple of kitbashes which deserve the light of day, and an extensive collection of half-finished cityscape terrain/buildings that are just begging for grim-dark completeness.

Just a matter of what I wish to address first. I'll get back to you on that. Soon.

If you stuck around... appreciate you doing so. I'll see what I can do to not disappoint.




vidboi said...

wow, back from the dead!!

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