Monday, May 25, 2015

Best Laid Plans...

As if not readily apparent; the touted revitalization of RD&C did not go according to plan. Life... it happens. Long hours of work, vis-à-vis short hours for play, means prioritizing towards actually playing these games over which I obsess and devoting considerably less effort towards endless trimming-gluing-priming-painting-rinse-repeat cycles.

So... that's exactly what I did. Rolled some dice. Actually, a lot of dice. Not well... but damned if I didn't roll 'em anyway. The gods of random chance have been cruel as ever with the actual dice rolled I needed... but it was a fine change of pace. Easy to forget, when you're knee deep in discarded sprues and resin flakes, that there are supposed to be, you know... games in the mix somewhere.

And... if I were to be completely honest; the dizzying rapid-fire release of a new $50.00+ hardback codex(es), which utterly invalidates the previous $50.00 hardback codex you bought nary a year ago (looking at you Craftworlds, and soon to be Space Marines) leaves a sour tinge in my mouth and causes this writer to lean towards 'somewhat numb' from a creative standpoint.

So here's the scoop: RD&C is not dead. 40K still a passion, though I am focusing more on 'skirmish' builds and Kill Team games. May even revisit Special Operations Killzone for another go. For me, skirmish scale is simply more entertaining and manageable. That said... RD&C is branching out to other facets of war gaming. Evolve or stagnate.

X-Wing eats up a well-deserved portion of my gaming cycles as of late. Three full tackle-boxes of Scum, Rebel, and Empire (not counting the GR-90 or CR-75... which fit in exactly no carry case of reasonable size) attest to the unhealthy level of infatuation I have for this game. Already have a number of articles queued up on this very subject, and those shall be filling space on RD&C in short order. In the interim, I highly recommend The Metal Bikini ( and Unofficial X-Wing Squadron Builder ( if you weren't already in-the-know.

Wave 7  fascinates me, and it is a forgone conclusion that at least one K-Wing...

...and three Kihraxz...

...will be resting atop the already preposterous pile of FFG plastic in the collection, immediately upon availability. Now, if only the damnable Imperial Raider would touch down in stores.

Unsurprisingly, I'm already core+two expansion packs deep into Armada as well. At this point it might be more efficient to simply direct deposit my paycheck into FFG's corporate account.

And then there's Infinity...

At any rate, that's enough blathering on for the time being. If you're still here, thanks for sticking around.

TLDR version: Alive. Yes, 40K still. Plus X-Wing/Armada. Plus, various other TBA.

Yeah, yeah. I know... heard this before: "updates incoming" and all that jazz. This time, it's different.




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