Friday, October 16, 2009

'Ork in Progess

In case it has not become increasingly apparent, I tend to jump between projects quite a bit.  I enjoy the hell out of customizing/painting/building, and am generally in no big hurry to get any one of them done...  so puttering on whichever model strikes my fancy at the time works for me.  That, or I am trying here to excuse my pronounced lack of attention span.  Regardless…

Up until now I have been perfectly content with my 500 points of happy green goodness.  They’re fully painted (which is a novelty in and of itself) and they’re my simplistic diversion army when I want some comic relief. 

A few nights ago I was rummaging through the storage and bits box under the game table, looking for some obscure piece which I never found, and a Deffkopta clattered to the floor.  As I was reaching to put it away, it dawned on me that there were a sizable number of Boyz bitz strewn about under there, and I really had no idea exactly how much Orky goodness might be lurking in the gloomy depths.  So I started digging.  The end result surprised even me, and I am fully aware of my obsessive-compulsive 40K purchasing.  

The discoveries included:

- 3 Deffkoptas - ala Black Reach
- Nobs box set - purchased for conversion bits
- Killa Kan – unassembled. A birthday gift from my son
- Stormboyz box set – likely an impulse buy.  Love the models
- Five of the OOP bikers (not sized correctly, but fully painted)
- Nob that came with White Dwarf Black Reach release
- A primed Big Mek
- Trukk – the OOP one, also not sized correctly
- Buggy – half completed
- 5 Nobs – more Black reach goodness
- 20 Boys – even more Black Reach goodness
- 1 (AWESOME) Boss w/ power claw - Black Reach strikes again
- Looted Rhino – half finished.  Now defunct, but possibly usable

Though I have not taken the time to rough-calculate the exact point value of all the sundry bits, there’s no question that this is a sizable addition to my existing horde. Quite possibly edging the green guys into the top slot as my largest army to date.  Think I’ve found my weekend project.  Couple gallons of green paint, some high-caffeine beverages… and we got ourselves a party!

I need to get out more. 


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