Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wayback Machine - What IS That Thing?!

Come with me, intrepid traveler, two years into the distant past. Where the man who never finishes projects (MWNF) happens across an article on GW's website detailing two Rhinos kitbashed together into the awesomeness that was the "ASC". MWNF deludes himself into believing he absolutely cannot live without one, and sets about hacking and sanding and plasticard'ing and slathering glue.  Surely THIS will be the one project he finishes!

Fast-forward to present day.  The original ASC article is now defunct, vanished into the black hole of the interwebz, and there she sits... collecting dust.  Unfinished.  Kudos MWNF.  Well played.

Help me out here. What purpose should this bastardized monstrosity serve?  As you can see the plasticard work is solid, so it's worth salvaging. I have ideas - such as 4x Heavy Bolter sponsons and a pair of Twin-Linked Assault Cannons ala land battleship.  No doubt cool, but relatively unremarkable.  I think this model has a great deal more potential...  but I'm at a loss as to exactly what that potential is. Some sort of massive artillery piece?  Mobile C&C Prometheus-esque platform?  MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System)? 

Input please.  I have some time here while the primer dries on my new Ork Bikers and I flesh out exactly what I want to do with my World Eaters.  Time to get this thing close to some semblance of finished.

By the by:  if perchance you, dear reader, have an archived copy of the original ASC article, I'd be extremely interested in acquiring it for nostalgia purposes.


AoM said...

Damocles + Whirlwind = fun. It gives a nice feeling of being a heavier hitter at longer range than the standard whirlwind when you've for a large dish up there. Not entirely sure what to do about the sides. Sponson weapons just seem to contradict the long ranged approach.

Of course, if you made a clean conversion of the attack biker sidecar so it could go on the other side as well, mounting then on at least one pair of the sponson locations would give a nice feeling of crew (possibly drivers) assuming defensive positions to defend the artillery while the crew inside continues to support the battle further away. That would be pretty cool for an Apocalypse game, actually.

James said...

try here for old gw articles

select web and punch in
it will take you to all the archived pages
including black gobbo

Dryw said...

Thanks for the suggestions AoM. I'm still undecided as to the ultimate outcome, but your ideas have given me food-for-thought.

@James: I gave Wayback Machine a try in a vain effort to locate that article... and it was marginally painful (as I don't even have an approximate date range). I'll give it another shot. Thanks!

Dryw said...


*happy dance*

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