Friday, October 9, 2009

Industrial Terrain Project: Day 10.5

After receiving requests to see some WIP shots of Building One (which I don't have), I decided to toss some of the various pieces I have (in numerous stages of completion) on the table to give a better overview of what the end result will look like... eventually.

The pictures really speak for themselves, and they illustrate much more concisely than my original description how the edges of each piece form streets, curbs, etc.  I do apologize in advance for the picture quality. Though I am working on it, my photography skills are far from respectable. As I luck into better pix I'll replace the worst of the lot in this post.

Finally & completely unrelated, a gratuitous 3/4 beauty shot of my converted Macharius Annihilator.  For no other reason than it is a damn fine piece of machinery.


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool! Would it be possible to get a description of what items you used for the various pieces? Such as "This building is made from a standard electrical junction box I picked up at home depot" type of thing? "The hatch on the holding tank is from the new Rhino kit" or what ever. :)

Dryw said...

- Four-gang electrical switch boxes (the main structure in many of the pieces)

- Various PVC plumbing pipes, elbows, caps and t-junctions. Mostly in 1/4". All acquired at the local Lowe's. The large "tank" is a PVC sewer end cap. You'll generally need to go to a contractor plumbing supply store to acquire. Expect to pay $15.00ea.

- 1/4" MDF (medium density fiberboard) for the bases, cut to spec.

- The "smoke stacks" are actually used mortar tubes from our last 4th of July. The kind that come in the larger sets. If you want one, hopefully you live somewhere where fireworks of that ilk are legal.

- "railings" and all frame braces for the platforms are sprues from GW (and other) plastic kits, cut and sanded.

If there's anything else in there you would like identified, give me a hollar and I'll do my best to figure out from whence it came.

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