Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spectres: Part One - Dakka & Docs

As promised... dug out the digicam and strained my mediocre photography skills to the limit. Going to try to cover each of the units in some detail, and in the focus of this first episode will be the healers and the shredders. But first, a word from our sponsors (Spectres, class of M41):

I'm really not happy with the quality of the shot, but it's all I have at the moment. I'll work on it, but this gives a general idea of where I am and where I'm going. I wouldn't consider a single one of them 100% finished at this point, but hey... they're getting there. Notably absent from the group photo are:

Baal Predator with MK.IVc turret - not a drop of paint on him and he refuses to be photographed nekkid
Bike Squad - showcased these custom jobs before, but going to wait for the reveal until they have more than a primer coat
Furioso Dreadnought with Forge World MK.IV "Blood Talons"- same as above. Primer coat, but not ready for prime time just yet

And that brings us to our spotlight squads. First up, Spectral (Sanguinary) Priests flanking the Honor Guard Novitiate:

These field medics have been worth their weight in gold Imperial Crowns (Thrones... whatever) on the tabletop. Priests attached to each Assault Squad with Furious Charge and Feel No Pain. Simply exquisite. I am extremely pleased with the finished result of the customization. Forge World MK.III, Chapterhouse Studios shoulder guards, Terminator Storm Bolters and a custom hand cannon (based on a Khorne Berserker pistol) for the Novitiate. WIP as they obviously need more than just a metallic highlight.

Last but not least for this entry... my homage to Robotech's RaiderX Destroid:

I know I'm biased, but gawddamn these things are just freakin' cool! The majority of my shooting wounds by far come from these lead slinging machines, and there is a tangible wide-eyed psychological factor when they hit the table. At worst, they freak my opponents out so much that they spend a good portion of the game chasing Pain & Panic here around the table and trying to pop them through cover... leaving the rest of my units to flank and spank. Its a beautiful thing.

Pretty straightforward conversions. I'm sure you can figure out what came from where. I'll happily relay some penny-saving advice if you're in the market; grab yourself the Ironclad torso/leg combos from your favorite bits store as you don't need anything else once the Forge World Autocannons arrive. Should be able to get away with about $15.00 per (sans the FW parts, of course). Certainly better than the $40.00+ for the full GW Ironclad kit.

Thats it for now kiddies. Thanks for taking the time to peruse. Feel free to leave suggestive comments (heh).

Next issue: why I'm not ashamed to be a Mech whore.



Deadmeat said...

Really cool so far. The Chapter house Pads look really nice. Please give a tutorial on the way you made your DREAD PLEASE!!!!

Dryw said...

Thanks Deadmeat. I think I might be able to accommodate you tutorial-wise here in the comments, as it’s actually not terribly involved. Assemble the Ironclad as per instructions, but omit the sarcophagus “lid”. The face plate here is actually a replacement piece of plasticard cut and sanded to size. I’ve found it’s easier to get it close initially, and then carefully trim and sand once it’s glued in place of the original piece that comes with the model. Once that’s done, the rest is cake…

The “rollcage” is actually a harness from the Drop Pod model, with some extra bits trimmed off. Number 5m in the upper right-hand corner:

The “chin sensor/camera” came from the Land Speed Storm kit, and I honestly have no idea its original purpose. All it requires is a slight bit of bending and it fits almost as if it was meant to be there. Middle-left, four pieces:

Add Forge World Dreadnought Autocannons x2, and other bits & bobbles per taste:



That help at all?

Dryw said...

Minor update: The two Spectral Priests (flanking the Novitiate in the pix above) no longer have Storm Bolters. They up-traded for Power Weapons.

The real reason? I didn't like the aesthetic of the models. Threw the balance off so they're back to standard-issue Bolt Pistols. Obsessive-compulsive FTW.

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