Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spectres: Part Two - 'Slingers & Swingers

Prior to C:BA I had never run with an Honor Guard. Partially because I am a long time, dyed-in-the-wool renegade (CSM) player and only bought the vanilla Space Marine codex for the sake of curiosity.  Admittedly, even once I had the Blood Angels tome in my dirty little you-know-what grabbers, I ignored Honor Guard in favor of Sternguard because they had such cool toys and could pick ammo. It was only when I started missing my five Melta Chosen that I started exploring other options. Once I looked, I was hooked. I am a customization fiend and the crazy selection of wargear options won me over. It’s an eclectic arrangement I have going... that's for sure.

(Note on the images: I've specifically washed out most of them to highlight the models. WIP, of course. Click for larger versions)

The HQ Crew ("Gabriel Seth" analog, Novitiate, Honor Guard Veterans):

- Novitiate: Standard load-out (Bolt Pistol & CC), but Feel No Pain & Furious Charge for all. The gift that keeps on giving.

- Spectral Guard #1: Lightning Claw & Storm Bolter. What can I say? I like Storm Bolters. If only they were Assault3...

- Spectral Guard #2: Storm Bolter & Bolt Pistol. The pistol is irrelevant, but default and it fits with the “gunfighter” theme I was shooting for. *rimshot*

- Spectral Guard #3 and #4: Meltagun & Flamer. This one’s weird. Codex permits two specials on these guys, so I’d be a moron not to go with it. As the Meltagun tosses the extra CC attack out the window anyway, going with a full-on Flamer costs me nothing (combat-wise). Flamers are the "hand" versions, but count as the full size models. Kept the models in-balance aesthetically.

Gabriel Seth analog: I honestly don’t know why we don’t hear more about this guy. He consistently ranks in the top five wound-inflictors for me, and he looks pretty damn cool doing it.

I have never used Whirlwind of Gore, but more often than not there's no need. My opponents tend to beat themselves to death against him due to Ferocious Instincts. This is generally followed by a series of facepalms and phrases like "are you SURE you're reading that right?!"

Blood Reaver is quite the cool (read: fluffy) concept, and four standard attacks at STR6 without Furious Charge ain’t too shabby. Yes, that's a Plasma Pistol. No, it's not accurate to the roster. Supposed to be just your run-of-the-mill Bolt Pistol. I'm either going to modify what he's already holding or replace with something "special".

The Razorback is mostly standard fare. Either twin-linked Assault Cannons or twin-linked Heavy Bolters depending on my point cap. Some modeling love  ala Forge World Extra armor (not necessarily represented in the roster), and a custom armor front plate.

Coming soon: "Revenant" Assault Squads, and the joy of hybrid turrets.



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