Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On The Bench: 03.17.10

Making a reappearance for the first time in many moons... Factory Unit A:

Not much (if anything) has changed since she last saw the light of day. An issue I intend to remedy in very short order. She's close now... just some attention to detailing required. Will keep you posted.

Below... shades of what can and will be. Tank Farm, Refinery with huge smoke stack, Generator Building (sporting huge smoke stack no.2) and a yet-unallocated structure which will likely end up being some manner of vehicle repair center.

Not shown are of course Hab Block One & Hab Block Two, who are both receiving their own special treatment currently and neither are feeling very photogenic at the moment. They too will receive updated pictures quite soon.

On the upside I'm fairly convinced I will be able to empty out the vast majority of the pointy bits, sprue chunks, and flostam which appear to multiply in the darkness of my miscellaneous bits boxes as flair and accouterments are added to these dingy industrial city streets. Less clutter is almost always good.

Definitely going to need to pick up grey spay paint in bulk... and some large brushes. Lots of large brushes.



Edwin said...

WOW! Pretty cool terrain man! Can't wait to see it finished.

The Mordheimer

Dryw said...

Thank you sir. Kind of you to say.

I'm working on it. Will be really glad when I've reached the super-detailing portion (dumpsters, oil drums, cables, sidewalks...etc) on all of them.

THAT'S the fun part to me.

Dryw said...

Oh... and the smokestacks are getting ladders and circular catwalks. If I get really froggy, I may try to figure out a way to run a catwalk between the two of them.

Good stuff.

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