Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heading Underhive

When you are through changing, you are through.  ~Bruce Barton.

Why Necromunda? Months of anticipation awaiting the release of Battle Missions, followed by somewhat of a letdown from the rather generic Kill Team rules included in same, has renewed what was only a causal/passing interest in Necromunda from way-back-when. The new Battle Missions Kill Team rules are acceptable in the context of quick-n-dirty for the 40K player who wants small scale squad-on-squad once in awhile. I’m more interested in some depth from the individual units as I won’t have to worry about three dozen of them at a time. I’m also keen on the possibilities for character/model advancement in a campaign setting, with the corresponding options to tailor skills, allow for originality, and permit customization. To “be different”, so to speak.

And anyone who has had the misfortune to see my cheesy CSM/Kroot army build knows I am all about different.

In my furious searches for rapidly dwindling Necromunda resources on the internet, I stumbled across the fan-based project Death Squads. These folks (who obviously are all independently wealthy and have little to no need for sleep, or are robots) have compiled a marvelous work which builds on the original Necromunda rules and incorporates many of the cooler aspects of its more modern cousin, Mordheim. Through this massive undertaking they have managed (in my opinion) to remain true to the original Necromunda, and anyone who is familiar with those rules will note the enhanced similarity immediately. I have not gone through both sets of rules and picked out the differences… and likely won’t. On cursory comparison it seems the Death Squads rules exist as a natural progression of Necromunda if the latter had been supported at the same level of 40K through the years. As opinions vary, I encourage you to take a look for yourself.

Death Squads most recent “Living Rulebook” at v0.44, and it is well worth the 30sec it will take to register at their forums and download. I see it as high quality stuff… and I’m a picky bastard. If interested, find all the information you desire @ http://www.deathsquadsgame.com/

While I am currently building Necromunda gangs and getting my feet wet on the tabletop (what an odd statement) with those rules, I have no doubt that very shortly I will migrate to the Death Squads venue as it allows for additional races, options, weapons, skills, etc. which simply don’t exist in the original Specialist Game’s offering. In anticipation of requiring some unique character models, I’ve been digging through my various dusty crates (more on those later), and have purchased these phenomenal figures…

I’m hyped about the concept overall, and I’ll keep you posted on the lot of it. I think this is just the sort of spark I needed to reignite a dwindling interest in the hobby.

That, combined with avoiding the ridiculous, angsty, argumentative 40K forum threads on the interwebz like the plague… and I might actually start enjoying the game again.



Dryw said...

After consideration, I think I am just going to dive right in and use the Death Squads rules first go-round.

The basis of the two (Death Squads and Necromunda) are so similar that I feel it better to simply start off with the system I plan to use.

Edwin said...

Hey, The Mordheimer here! Thanks for the kind comments regarding Death Squads. We are here at your service!

I do not know much about the Necromunda model line... what is that model? Looks REALLY cool! I see the first one with dual Hellpistols! YEAH!

Dryw said...

Hey Edwin. Welcome!

These models are actually produced by Merc's Minis, and not part of any GW range. I ran across them on CMON and immediately ordered two from the "Kemvar" line. Very dynamic models which would fit well in any number of settings.

Here's your linkage hookup: http://www.mercsminis.com/

Good stuff. Just don't buy them out... my second order has to wait a few days yet. :)

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