Friday, March 5, 2010

40K: Looks Good on Paper

Though I have a metric crap-ton of updates in the queue, just a quick update today highlighting a blog with significant coolness factor to it. The Grim Cheapness

This guy's building paper tanks. Not a new idea, but he is working on one of my personal favorites... a Malcador.

I'll be following this closely, as there's no money in the coffer for the foreseeable future to acquire Forge World's offering of the same. Now if I can just locate this Jeff Vaughan character (template designer) and go about grabbing some of his templates myself.

As far as my own workbench? Plague of Zombies project is on hold for the time being. Not dead, just resting. Being ill for a week straight took a lot out of me, and I just can't spin myself up enough to repetitively glue together 30+ of the same heads/arms/torso/legs. Plague Marines and Typhus are assembled and primed, with an initial grey drybrush highlight applied.

Credit for Typhus' rapid assembly goes to Zephri for the "dip in in water" advice re: superglue. Thanks whippersnapper.

I wasn't completely stagnate whilst recovering. Both Hab Block One and Hab Block Two are now in the highlighting/weathering stage and almost ready to mount permanently to MDF. Also managed to slap together three Bikers with some pretty damn awesome conversions (if I do say so myself). Pix forthcoming.

No... bikers weren't on my list of in-flight projects. Short attention span. Get used to it.

More tomorrow.


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