Saturday, February 27, 2010

No one to blame but myself...

...mess with zombies long enough, you break protocol. Then you're in for it.

Zombification process has already begun. I'm five days into what were are playfully calling "the flu" to keep my spirits up, but I know the truth. I see the symptoms. I can feel my brain rotting.

The family quietly removed "the kit" from storage last night. They don't think I saw them.

Protect yourselves. Be prepared. Cover all exposed skin and brain regions.

Godspeed. It's too late for me.

Did I growl when I said that?



Virtual Stranger said...

Absolutely shameless of me to bring this up... but since it seems to be your kind of thing... ;)


Dryw said...

Actually appreciate you binging it to my attention. Hadn't heard of it previously and I sorta' dig the premise.

So... I'll bite: why "shameless" to mention? I imagine this is your talent at play between those covers?

No worries about the plug. I think you hooked me. So long as my copy gets signed. :)

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