Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Joy of Analogs: Obliterator & Berserkers

After much deliberation, I settled on an interim solution to satisfy my ongoing search for the perfect Obliterator counts-as. The fix was found in what I originally created as mechanical Chaos Spawn. Parts are relatively easy to identify (Necron Destroyer body, turbines and sensor stalk from a previously ruined Land Speeder, chainsaw/chainsword from a Sentinel, etc).

I'm certain the models will be much more effective as Oblits than they ever were as Spawn.

Two work-in-progress shots:

And the completed bastardization, primed for action and posing with his "Berzerker" buddies:

Not a bad result. Not bad at all.


weeble1000 said...

I like that a lot. It has a nice, drone-like look and I think the chainsaw blade helps to give a visual sense that it is hovering off of the ground.

What did you use for the wire going to the sensors on the top?

Dryw said...

Thanks for the compliments.

The "cabling" is actually a guitar string, cut to length. I am lucky enough to have a rockstar-wanabee teenager, and he goes through enough guitar strings to keep me flush with materials for years to come.

weeble1000 said...

My wife just saw me reading this post and immediately produced a broken cello string. Looks like I'm in business.

Dryw said...

Awesome bud! Let me know how it works out for you.


Zephri said...

I like the idea, although I admit, they're not very easily recognizable as Obliterator or Spawn respectively, however that may have been what you were going for. I'm quite enamored with what you've done with the Destroyer body, it's very well constructed, but I'm curious as to why you chose Necron conversions for a Chaos army?

Dryw said...

Well... for that answer I'll point you to a post of mine from October of last year:

Therein you'll find description, but certainly not justification as even _I_ admit the cheese-meter is pegged.

In a nutshell: Renegades. Not enamored of Chaos per se, just tired of the Corpse God adoration & the Imperium in general (so no Daemons or warpstuffs). Losses not replaced easily... stumbled on some archeotech automotons.Use the "drones" in high-danger situations to help protect the remaining "live" troops.

Hey... I did say it was a bit out there. Truth is a CSM army which refuses to not use warp powers or daemons is pretty knee-capped. I needed a good reason to bring in some of the cooler units to help me out on the tabletop. Its a hobby army. My guilty pleasure. Certainly not tournament fodder (or even possibly acceptable outside of my gaming group).

And I wouldn't get rid of it for the world.

Thanks for taking a look.


Dryw said...

By the by: there are fluff sections on the counts as stuff back in September of '09, if you can keep from laughing long enough. :)

Mk.VII-x = Sonic Blaster
HVOF = Doom Siren
Combat Pharmecuticals (two variants) = MoK, MoS

Fun to write, and maybe good for Dark Heresy. But probably a bit much for tabletop.

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