Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ork in Progress - Looted Wagon

The monstrosity above began life as mindless fiddling. I have a dirge of Rhinos from various sets & battleforces laying about, some of which have been painted and stripped multiple times. This critter was one of those over-loved models.  As such, and because I am ferociously particular about the finishes on my vehicles, it was destined to be either a wreck or spare parts. I was suffering somewhat of a creative block, so I absent-mindedly stuffed a Battlewagon turret into the Razorback ring for a laugh. Ended up liking the result,  started slapping on some Orky bitz… and it was all downhill from there.

As stated above, the turret with Boomgun is straight off a Battlewagon. The “sponsons” are actually modified Trukk ‘ard case parts (from the bed area), and the remainder are various sundry chunks from both of those kits. It’s amazing what a wealth of customization bits are available in these new GW Ork boxes. For an obsessive like me those bits are a dream come true… or they act as an enabler.

She doesn't hold together very well under fire (AV11), but generally long enough to send a couple of decent large template/double penetrate Ordinance shots downrange before she pops. She's definitely a focal point for my adversaries, which is used to advantage.

Likely the concern has something to do with the enormous-looking smoothbore. 

Just a guess.


Derina said...

Good stuff there, have you decided on the odliterator yet?

Dryw said...

Pretty sure I am going to go with a pre-heresy dread shape as a basis, though I may not use the actual GW model.

I needed an interim solution for a match this weekend. Ended up going with the Necron-Destroyer-body-with-guns-stapled-to-it thing as a short term fix. Its not quite as bad as it sounds.

I'll drop some pix of it here as soon as it's fit for public consumption (later today).

Derina said...

They look like tanks... Not that im a tredhead.

Dryw said...

Lost me there, sorry. Thought you were one of the BoLS crew asking if I'd decided on an Obliterator counts-as model yet.

Derina said...

Yes I am, im known as shadow queen.

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