Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Conscious Neglect & "The List"

Though it has been quiet on the blog for a couple of weeks, I've actually made quite a bit of headway on my multiple projects. No, really! I swear it!

You wouldn't know it here, as I've been dropping all my WIP pix on BoLS modelling forum. Bad blogger. Bad.

I'll coalesce my thoughts and get my butt in gear here on Rust. Expect multiple updates tomorrow. In the mean time, the ridiculous list of all things in-progress:

World Eaters Squad (gotta' start somewhere)
MK1 Land Raider clean-up/rebuild/customization
Analog Kharn
Analog Huron Blackheart
Renegade Chosen Squad
Renegade Havoc Squad
Hab Block #2
Industrial Tank Farm
Ork Looted Wagon
Ork Lootas Squad
Ork Trukk
Ork Battlewagon
Ork Choppa/Slugga Squad
Kitbash double-length Rhino... thing. Now with two quad autocannons!
Lascannon/Twin-Link Plasmagun Razorback
Tau Hammerhead (WTF is that doing in there?!)
And, as always... The Predator which shall never be completed

There's other stuff, but the list is already embarrassingly long. 

Someone jingle some keys in front of me and get me to focus. 


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