Thursday, February 18, 2010

Zombies Ate My Project To-Do List

Happened across an old printed copy of the Apocalypse formation "Plague of Zombies", and I had forgotten how enthralled with the idea I was. The whole concept of a 40K zombie invasion vs resolute but hopelessly outnumbered Imperial Guardsmen sounded like my idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon. The holdup was always cost. I could never find plastic undead that truly satisfied my discerning tastes, and white metal shamblers were always prohibitively expensive. GW's offering was just... off, somehow. So the idea went back in the "to be looked at later" bin.

Then I stumbled upon the Wargames Factory, and this beautiful offering:

$14.95 gets you (24 models/4 sprues in plastic!):

1 x Dr. Zed (and/or duster/raincoat Zed)
1 x Fat guy torso
1 x Bare chested surfer-dude torso
1 x rotted shirt torso
1 x suit torso
1 x button down shirt torso
1 x drawstring short legs
1 x rotted long pant legs
1 x suit pants
1 x mailman shorts
1 x cargo pants
4 x sleeve right arms
4 x bare right arms
9 x heads 28 unique parts per sprue. 936 unique combinations! (Over 1800 if you don't care whether the arm is bare or sleeved!)

Short trip tomorrow to the local brick-n-mortar will score me this guy as my Terminator Lord...

...and likely these guys as his entourage...

...and in a few weeks, possibly these guys...

All with the end goal of the bucketful of fun described below:

Plague of Zombies

Chaos Terminator Lord (Mark of Nurgle; Twin Linked Bolter x1; Daemon Weapon; DW: Plague Bringer; Fearless)
10 Plague Zombies (Fearless; Feel No Pain)
10 Plague Zombies (Fearless; Feel No Pain)
10 Plague Zombies (Fearless; Feel No Pain)

Troops: Plague Marines
4 Plague Marines (Blight Grenades; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Mark of Nurgle; Bolt Pistol x4; Bolter x4; Close Combat Weapon x4; Fearless; Feel No Pain)
Plague Champion (Blight Grenades; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Mark of Nurgle; Bolt Pistol; Bolter; Power Fist; Fearless; Feel No Pain)

Total Roster Cost: 500

This'll be my fist foray into putrescence, pestilence and ichor. And its a big step for me in the twelve-stage "I will no longer fear zombies" program. Man these things (zombies) flip me right the fook out. A lot. Grown man... ridiculous.

Anyhow... its coming, so we're boarding up all the windows and checking the ammo/battery supplies. No turning back now.



Dryw said...

So... LGS has no Typhus (had to order from GW), and cash flow dried up so no Forge World Mk.III Death Guard.

Was able to pick up the old Death Guard metal minis however. That's something.

Definitely reminded me how much I prefer working in plastic/resin.

Anonymous said...

happy to read~ thank you!..................................................

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